2018 Healthcare Content Marketing Report

A content intelligence analysis of the content topics making the biggest impact on the market and current opportunities for content marketers in the healthcare space.

About this Report

The goal of this report was to identify the top performing topics across the healthcare industry, as well as underutilized topics that present great content opportunities for healthcare brands.

Utilizing its content intelligence platform, Ceralytics analyzed the top performing content of 18 websites in the healthcare industry, including insurance providers, universities, hospitals, and healthcare retail stores. The Ceralytics content intelligence engine then categorized every page of each site by the main topic(s) that each page was about.

Top performing and underutilized topics were determined by their total presence in organic search, inbound links, social shares and other ranking factors.

Consumer & Provider-focused Content

This report is broken into two sections. The first section analyzes nine consumer-focused healthcare websites. The second section analyzes nine provider-focused healthcare websites.

Top performing healthcare content

Top Performing Topics in the Industry

The best performing topics in the healthcare industry are identified within the report. Read about how heart disease is the number one topic for consumer-focused content, but that studies carry the most weight for provider-focused content.

Topic Effectiveness Rate Across Healthcare

How in-tune with their audiences are the best healthcare content marketers? VERY. The healthcare industry is one of the most competitive content marketing industries we’ve studied. Learn how to better understand these healthcare audiences with insights from this report.

Healthcare content marketing effectiveness
Healthcare potential impact topics in content marketing

Discover Underutilized Content in Healthcare

The healthcare content marketing industry is extremely competitive. However, this report uncovers 50 opportunities where content is currently being underutilized. Seize these opportunities before your competition.

Great Content Strategies Don’t Just Happen

They are built from great content intelligence and competitive insights.

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Jay Baer, NY Times best-selling author & President of Convince & Convert

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Chad Pollitt, Author, International Speaker, Marketing Professor