We asked Chad Pollitt, Cofounder, Relevance.com, his thoughts on content distribution. Here’s what he told us:




“There’s three ways to do content promotion; owned, earned and paid.

Owned media content promotion is emailing your own list, and broadcasting socially. If you don’t have a list, then this is a problem…hence we have earned and paid content promotion.

On the earned side, we all know how popular influencer marketing is right now. It is a form of content promotion as well as your traditional media relations, and writing bylines on other websites.

On the paid side, for our top of the funnel content (content that doesn’t sell anything), the best channel to distribute our content in a paid sense are the channels of native advertising. Those channels are for example Facebook (infeed), then you have Taboola, Outbrain, etc. etc. There are 360 native ad-tech companies in the world that dedicate themselves to content promotion.”

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