We asked Rebecca Lieb, Research Analyst, Keleido Insights, her thoughts on quick/real-time content marketing approval. Here’s what she told us:




“Real-time marketing is where approvals have to be done down to split-second timing. I’ve talked to a lot of big organizations about approval and the one’s that are doing the most effective content marketing, and the most effective real-time marketing are the one’s who have approvals and guard rails set up as much as possible in advance. They go to legal, they go to marketing directors, or anybody who is a part of the approval process, and they tell them what they want to do, or what they plan to do…and then they say, ‘Within the parameters of this campaign (initiative/tactic/Facebook/Twitter), what are the guardrails?’ Once you work that out, the approval process can be very quick because you enlist these people as your allies.”

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