We asked Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, his thoughts on how to create quality content consistently. Here’s what he told us:




“I want to talk about the challenge of creating quality content consistently. The biggest problem we have in this area is obviously creating different content consistently over a period of time is challenging, but the number one problem is that most organizations are not telling a differentiated story.

You have to find your content tilt. You have to find an area of little or no competition on the web where you actually have a fighting chance to break through. If you’re looking at the competitive analysis of areas where you’re creating this content where there are 10, 15 or 20 organizations, bloggers, individuals, influencers or media companies creating content on that area, you’re not niche enough. You actually have to go a little bit deeper to find an area where there are 3-5, max 7 or 8, individuals or companies creating content on that, you have a chance to be the world’s leading expert on that topic.

I don’t care how much content you create: if you’re not telling a differentiated story, you’re not going to be able to deliver consistent results over time. If I want you to deliver consistent results over time, I want you to start with a content tilt and tell that differentiated story over time. Good luck.”

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