We asked Peter Loibl, Head of Sales, Content Marketing Institute, his thoughts on finding time to write. Here’s what he told us:




“One of the biggest challenges I face is finding time to write! I’m guilty of it, I know I HAVE to do it, but mixing in my travel schedule and running a team of 6 folks, and publishing Chief Content Officer magazine and….just everything else we’re doing with forecasting and budgeting, I just need to find the time to write more. It is just pivotal to what I do and I need to eat my own dog food if you will. I come from a journalistic background and I worked in the newspaper industry…when it was still an industry in the raging 90’s if you will and….what I found is when I take the time, when I slow down to speed up and I create something of value; whether it be a blog post or an article..or even a video like this, I think of creating something of value that will help someone. I find that it leads to some very educational conversations to someone for both and end-user as well as myself. What I found is I’ve seen some business come out of it, and I find that truly fascinating.

It’s counter-intuitive for a sales person to slow down to speed up. Whether it be writing for Inc., or Open Forum, American Business Media, or our own Content Marketing World…or even videos like this..like I said, when I take the time to do it I’ve seen some really good things come up out of it. And I think the most important thing is somewhat prophetic because I just created this earlier, is a ‘content calendar’. You’re probably saying, ‘You’re a sales guy! What do you need a content calendar for?’ Well when you think like a publisher, no matter who you are, and you create educational content, and you get good results whether that be engaging audience or engaging customers, good things DO come out of it.”


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