We asked Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, his thoughts on how to get started in content marketing. Here’s what he told us:




“I’m answering the content challenge about getting started. You know everyone wants to create content and put it in every channel they can possibly find, but in our findings at the Content Marketing Institute, that’s not the way to success.

What you want to do to build a loyal audience over time: first of all, figure out what your differentiated story is. Then, as you create and distribute that content, focus on one content type. Am I creating audio, video, textual or image? Focus on one content channel: is it iTunes? YouTube? My blog or website?

Then consistently deliver. If you’re going to do two blog post per week, do those two blog posts at 9am ET every Tuesday and every Thursday. Keep doing that until the data tells you differently. You have to do it over a long period of time. It takes about 12-18 months to monetize an audience. If you expect results in six months or less, you’re probably not going to get it.

You want to focus on what your content type is, what your main channel is and consistently deliver over time… if you follow those things, if you’re diligent and have a different story to tell, you’ll be successful. Good luck.”

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