Our first healthcare industry analysis report launched today, and we’re pretty excited about it. The 2018 Healthcare Content Marketing Report analyzed the content of 18 top healthcare brands including Cleveland Clinic, BCBS, CVS, Johns Hopkins, and Mayo Clinic to uncover which content marketing topics are performing best in the industry.

A topic-level analysis of the healthcare industry

By analyzing every page of content on these sites, over 3.3 million social shares, and hundreds of thousands of inbound links, we uncovered how effective over 16,000 unique topics are in the healthcare industry. We then narrowed down these topics by audience: consumer-focused content and provider-focused content.

The resulting report gives a view into what topics are written about the most, which topics are most popular with audiences, which topics are underutilized, and how effective the industry is at creating content that engages its audience.

We don’t need your deets

The report is not gated, so go ahead and download it below.

We hope the insights can create conversations within your own marketing teams and give your brand more awareness around what is and is not working in the healthcare industry. And if you would like to learn how to get a custom report for your brand compared to your specific competitors, request a demo and we’d be glad to show you how we can do that.

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